NodeTools: Bridging The Gap Between Node.js And DevX

What is the best feature of Node.js? As this will be different for everyone according to their taste, the common fact is that everybody loves Node.js runtime with the most modern and concise programming language on the planet, JavaScript. With its async functions for the easiest establishment of asynchronous calls, { ...spread } and [ ] operators for perfect immutability and import and export statements for intuitive separation of modules, it meets all present-day requirements for a programming language. Since version 8 and with version 10 being promoted to LTS very soon, there is little need to use a transpiler nowadays, and programming for Node.js becomes the most pleasurable experience.

Despite all those wonderful features, it is also a fact that tasks associated with making packages such as scaffolding, testing, and documenting them can waste a lot of time due to inefficiencies associated with manual labour and the lack of appropriate tools. You are now invited to through each of the following statements which will help to evaluate how much inefficiencies in the work processes you meet every day:

If you could see yourself in at least one of these points (and even more so in proportions to the number of points matched), you will know how unproductive and repetitive some actions that developers engage in are because there are no tools that solve those problems intuitively and effectively. You are also welcome to come up with your own examples in the comments section. We completely understand your frustrations as the list was drawn primarily from the demands of a Node.js development company.

Over the last year, Art Deco™ has worked hard on bridging the gap between the quality of the language features, and the lack of suitable development tools. We are now proud to introduce the version one of NodeTools to everyone! This post outlines each one of the packages and services that make up the tools, what problems they solve and innovations they introduce and why you will want to make use of them right away. It also describes the philosophy pioneered by our company when writing Node.js software for others according the the highest industry standard.

What are NodeTools?

Explanation of what NodeTools are.